Parivaar the name embodies “Family“ and we believe in the principle of “World as a Family”. Travelling has been our lifeline and we are veterans in the travel industry for over 19 years. Our competency has evolved and changed over the years due to the changing macro and microeconomics around us. But we persisted in our passion of providing travelers with a long-lasting experience, that our clients can have lingering memories on…
As a travel company, we have served clients with all travel destinations in the world but the work was becoming monotonous with no extra spice to it. Then our idea to focus on the uncharted and not much-explored territories of 7 sisters started. We understood that 7 sisters are quite the untouched virgin lands that are bountiful and beautiful. The travel experience which these states can provide individuals as well as in the combination is quite exhilarating. Then the thought to bring it to classes, as well as masses alike, was a task and we were involved in it. All the brainstorming gave birth to www.travelnortheastindia.com


Our Mission is to provide a mesmerizing experience that everyone can cherish with their travel to the uncharted territories of 7 Sisters (which are)


We started out as a normal company catering to all travel destinations for our clients. The journey began in 1999 by the name of ICARUS HOLIDAYS with Adventure as a base, later transforming into a Leisure based Travel Company specializing in experiential tours to India by the name ICARUS INDIA INCOMING. In 2006, a French Professor who wanted his students to understand and explore India found us on google, and then we experienced exponential growth with foreigners traveling with us throughout INDIA. Until 2020 we have served a Lil more than 1150 French Tourists. All Thanks to our patron Mr.Jean Pouvelle (CHACHA)! The economic slowdowns of 2007/2008 saw many downturns in our business but we bounced back quite well from 2009. 2012 was the year when the idea to start 7 sisters focusing on the beautiful landscapes of the North East came into Play. The task was humongous and the investments heavy!! Initial responses within our contact circle didn’t bear much fruit. Persistence and trust in the time + tested orthodox methodologies bore fruit and the business started growing by leaps and bounds. Today 7 Sisters are widely known throughout continents and we take immense pride in sharing some credit for it! A big thank you to the India Tourism & also the Independent State Tourism Departments of 7 Sisters # Assam Tourism, Arunachal Pradesh Tourism, Meghalaya Tourism, Nagaland Tourism, Manipur Tourism, Tripura Tourism & Mizoram Tourism, for their remarkable feat in showcasing these amazing destinations….hats off !!!


Abhijit our founder is a travel freak and he knew there was quite a gold mine in exploring the 7 Sisters. We didn’t have many pictures to showcase to the world the unexplored beauty and at that time Abhijit could only think of his dear friend and ace photographer AXEL COUERET who came all the way from France to get these marvelous pictures of Northeast India! Axel has a unique way of making people respond to his somewhat funny gestures & tactics; Woila people did really respond fantastically! From the very first day of the tour, he went along with locals quite well. Of course rest of his work you can gauge from the photographs, most of them Incorporated in this site. Abhijit & Axel traveled for around 52 days in Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal, Nagaland & Manipur….it really was a great journey with our driver Deepak!

7 Sisters are calm destinations and love peaceful visitors! Hence, we too love travelers (rather then tourists) who prefer experiences and goes with the tagline “Don’t Just Travel…EXPERIENCE & EXPLORE”


We love to take the masses to places without any inconvenience. We make sure that we participate in numerous Travel Trade Fairs so that people can understand more about these 7 sisters and their beautiful landscapes. We believe that unless you see it you won’t believe it!


Abhijit is also a proud BNI member and considers his journey there as one of the astounding ones. This has helped expand his business connections and reach out to corporates as well as business people with his proposition. We believe our travel escapades and testimonials from happy clients all over the world vouch for the experience that we provide!!

Sit back, relax & explore this website, where we have tried to inculcate all possible options of easing your Travel to Northeast India. Our handcrafted tour packages encapsulate local cuisines, interaction with Locals, Understanding the landscape that you will take back memories from these journeys!!! Trust us, people who travel with us are so over-whelmed that we keep on getting this lovely message: Thank you Abhijit, you truly are the Only BROTHER of 7 SISTERS! Next time when the Travel Bug hits you… You know where to head out to and whom to reach!!