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Tripura Package Tours

Small and gorgeous–these two words can aptly sum up the state of Tripura. It is the third smallest state of the country and welcomes its travelers with ancient places, beautiful scenery, monuments, museums, knowledge houses, lovely hills, amazing gardens, temples, and most importantly, the wilderness.

The Bengali people form the ethno-linguistic majority in Tripura.

Tripura package tours include some of the famous places to visit like Agartala, Neermahal – Water Palace, Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary. Rock carvings of Unakoti and Ujjayanta palace.

Forests cover more than half of Tripura wherein bamboo and cane tracts are the most common. Tripura also boasts of the highest number of primate species found in any Indian state.

There is only one highway that connects Tripura to the rest of the country. This makes the state quiet and a bit disconnected. Which is why not much is known about the attractions that secrets that engulf this land.

Agartala is the capital of the Indian state of Tripura and it is well connected by air with Kolkata, Guwahati, Delhi and Chennai. The airport is 12 kms away from the city.

Tripura Tourism Must Do’s

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Kaziranga National Park is located in parts of Golaghat, Nagaon and Sonitpur districts of Assam (INDIA). It is not only the homeland of the Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros, but also provides shelter to a variety of wild lives.


Majuli is a lush green environment-friendly, pristine and pollution free fresh water island in the river Brahmaputra, just 20 km from the Jorhat city.

Jorhat Tea Gardens

Tea plantation is the main agricultural activity of the city which also takes shape of a tourist attraction given its simple natural charm.


Nameri National Park located in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, is a destination for bird watching enthusiasts and home to more than 370 species of birds.

Tripura is rich in folklore, myths, legends, proverbs, riddles and songs. The people have woven these stories from their life experiences and highlight the elements of nature and supernatural such as gods and deities, demons, witches, history, flora, fauna, solar system, love, natural phenomenons, birds and animals. Each community there represents its own unique relations with life and the living environment.

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Tripura – A mystical place to visit

Tripura is a reservoir of culture among all the states in Northeast India. The state has many temples, historic sites, wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks and is home to many biodiversity hotspots. Our Tripura package tour attracts solo travellers, families, couples, and friends from all around the country. You should visit Tripura to enjoy its beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, wildlife, and handicrafts.

The state is also blessed by the presence of ten rivers that flow through it. The greenery of the state will catch your attention immediately when you arrive. The significant locations of attractions present in most of the Tripura tour packages are its heritage sites. In this travel guide for Tripura, you will find every type of information that will help you to plan a perfect Tripura tourist package.

Tripura is home to 19 indigenous tribes. Cane and bamboo trees are very common in the state. Tripura stands out from the other seven sisters due to its stone images and rock-cut carvings. Forests cover half of the area of Tripura. The state can be perfectly described in two words that are -gorgeous and small. Overall, a Tripura package tour is a lot of fun for tourists and travellers.

When to visit Tripura?

If you plan for a Tripura tourist package, the best time to visit the state is between October and May. It is always recommended not to visit Tripura during monsoons. Therefore, you must not plan for a Tripura tourist package during the rainy months. The state experiences a lot of rainfall during the months from July to September. There are also chances of landslides and heavy showers during monsoons.

Our Tripura package tour has a lot to offer to the visitors. There are many exciting places and adventure activities that you must explore during your Tripura tourism package. These things are:

  • Boat riding in Neer Mahal.
  • Exploring and learning about the primitive art forms of the tribal people.
  • Enjoying the famous dishes such as dry fish.
  • Attending the most famous Kharchi puja.
  • Exploring the cultures and festivals of local people.
  • Enjoying the celebration of Durga Puja.
Places to visit in Tripura

A Tripura tourism package includes all the famous tourist attractions of the state. Tripura is connected to other parts of our country by only one highway. Therefore, it feels like the state is disconnected. The capital city of Tripura is Agartala. Agartala is the second-largest city among all cities of North-east India. The state is full of legends, folklore, and myths.

The national parks of Tripura are home to a lot of endangered species as well. The Tripura Clouded Leopard National Park is the first wildlife park in India dedicated to only cloud leopards. Given-below is a list of all the places that must be present in your Tripura tour packages. 


Being the capital city of Tripura, Agartala is famous for its jute, tea, rice, and oilseeds production. All the tea gardens of Agartala provide you with natural and rich quality tea leaves. Tourist places that must be present in your Tripura tour packages in Agartala are Neermahal, Kunjaban Palace, and Ujjayanta Palace.


This place is present in the Northeastern part of Tripura. The town is famous for its rock-cut sculptures and carvings and lies on the bank of Gomati.


Kumarghat is situated in the North part of Tripura and is famous for the cultivation of pineapple and other fruits. The Venuban Vihar built by the famous Magadha King must be present in the Tripura tour packages.  


This place is present at a distance of 100km from Agartala. Pilak is surrounded by lush green valleys and fields. The area also has many archaeological remains and can offer you many eye-catching views of nature and landscapes.


Unakoti is famous for its ancient temples and rock-cut sculptures and carvings.


This place is present at a distance of 55 km from Agartala. Udaipur is famous for many massive temples such as Tripura temple, Bhubaneswari temple, and many more.

Jampui Hills

This hill range is situated at a distance of 220 km away from Agartala. Jampui hill range is famous for its beautiful landscapes and pleasant climate.

Culture and cuisines of Tripura

The diversity of Tripura is truly reflected through its cuisines and culture. The Bengalis who live in Tripura love to eat fish, chicken, and pork. People of Tripura also like to eat spicy and Chinese cuisines. The tribal people of the state have different choices and tastes and are skilled in making delicious and spicy dishes of fish. One of the most famous dishes of fish that is served by the people of Tripura is Hilsa. The traditional rice beer known as Chauk is prepared by the process of fermentation of rice in water.

People of this state love to sing songs. Each tribe and community has its unique celebrations and cultures. The lush green valleys, greenery, and mountains of the state are perfect for fulfilling a nature lover’s desires with our Tripura tourism packages. The local people of Tripura are also welcoming and helpful.

Festivals of Tripura

There are three main festivals of Tripura that are celebrated with great joy.

  • Kharchi Puja

During this festival, the people of the state worship the earth. It is one of the most famous festivals of Tripura. This festival falls in July, and the people celebrate it by organizing a week-long puja. Thousands of people from all around the country plan their Tripura tourism packages to enjoy this festival.

  • Ker Puja

Ker Puja falls after a fortnight of the famous Kharchi Puja. People create a boundary by using a bamboo stick or a large piece of bamboo. This same piece of bamboo is used to perform the Puja by the priest.

  • Garia Puja

The tribal people of Tripura perform this Puja on the seventh day of April.

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