3 Nights & 4 Days
#1Sister: Manipur
Imphal (2N)
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Best time to travel
All through the year except during monsoon (June to September)
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Family travellers, experiential travellers, inbound
MANI002: Imphal (2N)
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Best time to travel
all through the year except during monsoon (June to September). Winter season in Manipur starts from November till February. The coldest month of winter is January

Tour Brief & Highlights

This itinerary explains the most significant and beautiful tourist attractions in North-East India.

  • The Imphal Valley covers 1843 sq km and comprises one-tenth of the area of Manipur. You can witness the beautiful rivers that flow down to the Valley are Imphal river, Khuga, Iril, Thoubal, and Sekmai. 
  • The climate is very calm and serene and you can visit various Hindu temples that are spread all over the city. The mesmerizing view of the surrounding landscape makes it an amazing idyllic holiday destination to rejuvenate you.
  • The Ima Market also called Mother’s Market is said to have begun in the 16th century. It is said to be the only market in the world that is run by all women; a place where equality is preached and practiced.
  • LOKTAK LAKE is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India. It is known for its circular floating swamps (called phumdis in the local language).
  • ANDRO VILLAGE This village is home to the Andro Gramshang Museum, which comprises different varieties of traditional pots. Andro is also famous for a Doll House, which showcases dolls belonging to 29 popular Manipuri tribes. A beautiful village known for its pottery tucked in the Nongmaiching Hills, the Andro village in Manipur is the confluence of scenic beauty, pleasant climate, and extremely warm hospitality.
  • Kangla Fort, known as a historical and archaeological site, has a special place in the hearts and minds of the Manipuri people. It is still dotted with several shrines that are still revered by the locals and people of the adjoining Northeast states.
  • A very sacred place for the Manipuri people, Moirang which is about 45 km from Imphal holds an ancient temple of the pre-Hindu deity, Lord Thangjing. A very proud moment for India when the flag of the Indian National Army was first hoisted here on April 14, 1944. It is from the village of Moirang, too, that the graceful Khamba-Thoibi dance is said to originate traditionally which is celebrated in May.
  • The only floating national park in the world, Keibul Lamjao National Park is located in the north-east Indian state of Manipur. The important fact that it is a floating island is a very unique feature that attracts nature enthusiasts and researchers from all over the world.
  • It is believed that this aspect of nature is truly magical and can be only seen here, in Imphal

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Interesting!!! – KEIBUL LAMJAO NATIONAL PARK is the only floating National Park in the world, on the Loktak Lake is the last natural habitat of the Sangai (Rucervus eldii eldii) the dancing deer of Manipur. Andro is a small hamlet located towards the east of Imphal and is popularly known for its pottery. Pottery can only be done by the married women of Andro!!


Loktak Lake

Loktak Lake IN Imphal is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India.It is known for its circular floating swamps (called phumdis in the local language).


Andro is a small hamlet located towards the east of Imphal and is popularly known for its pottery. Pottery can only be done by the married women of andro !!

Before You Go

  • To visit MANIPUR no entry permits are required for Indians or foreigners.
  • Foreigners must, however, register themselves at the Foreigner Registration Office (District Superintendent of Police) within 24 hours of entry to each state. In addition, the permit exemption doesn’t apply to citizens of specified countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China, who continue to require prior approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs before their visit.
  • Carry adequate cash in Indian currency as ATMs might not be available in remote areas
  • Carry at least one of your identity proofs
  • Whilst you are in any part of the 7 States of Northeast, one must acknowledge that these wonderful destinations are thoroughly low-profile as regards to touristic facilities. We along with the India Tourism are striving hard to promote these virgin touristic destinations & enhance the basic comforts of a traveler making their tour memorable! However, to bring to your notice, the 7 SISTERS are transforming in a hardcore manner to accommodate the many needs of the increasing travelers! Hereby we address & request the visitor to be a real-traveler, respect the infrastructure available& please follow our travel advisories, helping us to serve you better & make you discover the real NORTH EAST INDIA!

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