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Assam Tourism Packages

Assam tourism packages primarily include some of the best archaeological sites, wildlife sanctuary, and the amazing tea plantations. The capital of Assam, Dispur, is a beautiful place to visit if you want to experience city life. 

Fun fact: For more than a hundred years, the capital of Assam used to be Shillong that is based in the modern state of Meghalaya. In 1972, this was changed to Dispur, a suburb of Guwahati, after Meghalaya became a separate state of India.

Two of the most talked-about tourist attractions of Assam are the Kaziranga National Park (known for conserving endangered species like one-horned rhinoceros) and Manas National Park. Both these sites have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

The state is known to receive more rainfall as compared to other parts of India. This helps the Sal tree forests bloom and make the state look a bright shade of green all year round. The rain also feeds the Brahmaputra River which is the ninth largest and the 15th longest river in the world.

Assam Tour packages

Assam Tourism Must Do’s

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Kaziranga National Park is located in parts of Golaghat, Nagaon and Sonitpur districts of Assam (INDIA). It is not only the homeland of the Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros, but also provides shelter to a variety of wild lives.


Majuli is a lush green environment-friendly, pristine and pollution free fresh water island in the river Brahmaputra, just 20 km from the Jorhat city.

Jorhat Tea Gardens

Tea plantation is the main agricultural activity of the city which also takes shape of a tourist attraction given its simple natural charm.


Nameri National Park located in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, is a destination for bird watching enthusiasts and home to more than 370 species of birds.

When talking about the cultural life of Assam, it’s important to address the two prominent cultural and religious institutions:
The Satras (the seat of a religious head, the Satradhikar)
The Naamghar (the house of names or the prayer hall)

The Satrashve been in existence for more than 400 years.

Assam has the largest number of tribes in terms of:
1.Variety in tradition,
3.Dresses, and
4.Exotic way of life
Meeting the tribal population and experiencing their culture is something that stays with all those who visit Assam. Boro (or Kachari), Karbi, Kosh-Rajbanshi, Miri, Mishimi, and Rabha are names of some of the tribes that exhibit all these characteristics and more. They are known for their cultural practices, festivities, and exotic way of life.

The population of Assam consists of Bengali speaking Hindus and Muslims. Muslims form the largest minority (about a quarter) in the state followed by Nepalis. The majority of the Muslims in the state are immigrants from Bangladesh while some have been living in the state for centuries.

The women of Assam are known for their craftsmanship of weaving fine silk and cotton cloths with beautiful floral and other decorative designs.

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Assam Tourism Packages

Assam is one of India’s most beautiful and exotic states, which is famous for its tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, archaeological sites, and so much more. The state has some stunning and breathtaking scenarios to visit and experience northeast life. We have some amazing Assam tour packages for you that are affordable and customizable.

Tourists who visit Assam used to think that Guwahati is the capital, but no – it is Dispur. Dispur is situated in Guwahati. Many Assam Tourist Packages on our website cover the significant travel destinations for you when you visit Assam.

With the clean and blue Brahmaputra river, the lush green tea gardens, it is a view that you don’t see every day in your city life. Our Assam package tour includes scenic locations by the river, and you will experience exotic tea gardens exclusive to the state.

Did you know, for a long time, Shillong used to be the capital of Assam until 1972? Our Assam tourism package includes frequent and affordable trips to Shillong as well. It is known for its beautiful mountains and scenic beauty.

Tourists from all over the world come to visit Shillong and Assam and experience wildlife and mountains like never before. Assam tourism packages on our website are customizable, and you can pick the locations you want to and get the best deals!

Must Visit Places in Assam

A lot of places in Assam are popular internationally. Today we will check out some of them that are also included in the Assam tour packages.

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is home to One-Horned Rhinos. One-Horned Rhinos are nowhere found in the entire world but this national park. So, many international and national tourists come to Assam via various Assam tourism packages to have just one look at the one-horned rhino.

With more and more species on earth getting into the endangered and extinct category, Assam is rich in flora and fauna. You will find so many plants and animals in this national park you haven’t seen before. The best time to visit Kaziranga is November to April, where you can spot the rhino lying across grasslands and the winter sun simmering over it.

To explore more about Kaziranga National Park Assam tourist package, click here.

Manas National Park

UNESCO recognizes this national park as a World Heritage Site. The experience in this park is thrilling and exotic. This national park is believed to have the second-largest tiger population, and a maximum number of tourists don’t fail to include this park in their Assam tourism package. 

The national park is home to a lot of endangered species as well. With us, you can opt for reasonable Assam tour packages and get the best experience of the park with our tour guides.

To explore more about the Manas National Park Assam tourist package, click here.

Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is home to primates and apes as seven out of 15 species of apes in India reside in this sanctuary. This sanctuary is at the top of tourist attractions and for a lot of Assam tourism packages.

You will find hoolock Gibbon, Stump-tailed Macaque, Pig-tailed Macaque, and many other ape species here. The sanctuary extends up to Dissoi Valley Reserve Forest, which also has three tea gardens.

To explore more about the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary Assam tourism package, click here.


It is a hill station situated in Assam which has a beautiful green landscape and lakes. Many tourists come to this place to view the natural beauty of the place. It is popularly called as ‘Scotland of Assam.’ To explore more about the Haflong Assam tourism package, click here.

Tea Gardens of Assam

Assam is known for its exotic and natural tea varieties. There are many tea estates in Assam that must be included in your Assam package tour so that you don’t miss the speciality of this state and taste Assam’s popular tea.

Our team ensures that you experience the best view of tea gardens and pick some of the best tea estates in your Assam tour packages. All the tea gardens have a tea tasting session where you can experience the natural and rich quality of the tea leaves produced and make the best out of your Assam trip.

Some of the tea estates you must visit are:

Manohari Tea Estate

This tea estate is set up in the British Era and is situated in the upper area of Assam at the height of 390ft. Most tea gardens are at a certain elevation, which makes them more visible and beautiful to look.

This estate is spread across 1000 acres, and when you go across this estate, you will experience the rich aroma of the tea gardens, which will transport you to a whole new world. You can take a look at our tea gardens Assam tour packages and choose one that suits you the best.

Sonapur Tea Estate

This tea estate is situated near Guwahati. The Britishers first established it in 1924. Many tourists don’t forget to add this to their Assam package tour for its high-quality tea, fantastic view, and to get to know about its history. This estate has collaborated with big companies like Tata Tea and Levers for decades now.

Joonktollee Tea Estate

It is the single largest tea factory in the Northeast. The estate is spread across 1800 acres, out of which 1200 is used for tea plantations. With us, you can customize your visit to tea gardens in different Assam tour packages, and you can choose the best one for yourself.

The essence of Assam – Cultural Folk Dances, Festivals, and Food

Assam is rich in culture and festivals. There are several festivals which you can attend and experience Assamese culture and lifestyle. Some of our Assam tour packages cover traditional cuisines for our tourists.

Bihu Festival

Bihu is a traditional folk dance of Assam, and the locals worship Brai Shibrai. It is a harvest festival. On this day, Assamese people dress up with their traditional clothes of Mekhla and dhotis and celebrate it by singing songs, dancing, and preparing authentic feasts.

Ambubachi Festival

It is the most beloved, and a four-day-long festival of Assam celebrated with full zest and enthusiasm. People come to the holy Kamakhya Temple to worship Goddess Kamakhya. The festival is celebrated around June, so if you have plans to visit around that time, we will make sure that it is included in your Assam tourism package.

Assamese Cuisine

Assamese Cuisine’s large part is fish. The fish obtained from the Brahmaputra river is fresh and authentic in taste. Some other items included in their cuisine is bamboo shoot and Khar. Rice is their staple diet.

After you select from one of our Assam tour packages, we ensure that you visit the most authentic restaurants where they serve Assamese cuisine that is not oily and spicy at all. Yes, their cuisine is a very healthy and simple diet.

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